Lab 2

Key point of our company is the continuous audit of the quality system through systematic checks that allows us to evaluate in advance any critical points of the production process.

– Visual inspection of mother reels coming

In order to identify any defects which would prevent the metallization, the mother reel is controlled to be metallized through techniques such as the control of the flatness of the intrinsic or treatment of a film.

– Control of the surface to be treated

Tests are performed on the surface of the film in order to verify that it can metallized. The test is performed with suitable liquids and it tests the wettability of the surface of the film itself.

In case of low wettability can we perform the pre-treatment through a plasma system; Often it is also used to increase the adhesion of metal films already treated flame crown.

– Inspections on the Process

During the metallization process the optical density is continuously controlled for points and for the entire width. The operator adjusts the machine parameters in order to obtain the optical density required by the customer. The metallizers have photometric heads, which continuously recorded and reported on a diagram the recorded values. The graphic resides in front of the operator and, if there were to be sudden changes of values the operator is alerted by visual and audible alarms so that it can immediately intervene in the machine parameter adjustment. The optical density values of all the reels are then stored in order to have a logging and a traceability of the worked product.

LABLab 1

The Vimet srl It is equipped with an innovative laboratory with 3 tools for the control of permeability:



A complete stats tracking, internal trainings, guarantee us over time more and more satisfactory results. The continuous updating of our information systems, the continuous research of advanced technologies and continuous updating of the machines, allow us to grow our employees, trying to keep updated with the evolution of the sector.