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Features of the metallized film

Thanks to this type of process, the metalized film has had wide application in the packaging industry in recent years and now lives a development arising from the evolution of the sector itself. The basic technical applications of the product are to be found in the same characteristics of the metallized film, which mainly are [...]

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Thanks to an internal software developed by us, purely for the needs of the company and the customer, Vimet is able to provide and to follow an ONLINE traceability that goes from mother reel to daughter reel spool, passing through all of the process steps, with the simple steps on our GUI. In turn you [...]

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Key point of our company is the continuous audit of the quality system through systematic checks that allows us to evaluate in advance any critical points of the production process. - Visual inspection of mother reels coming In order to identify any defects which would prevent the metallization, the mother reel is controlled to be [...]

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Plasma treatment

Plasma treatment may be used as part of a vacuum coating system to improve the metal adhesion and / or improve the quality substrates as a barrier against oxygen and to water vapor transmission. Here, the tissue surface is hit by the plasma just prior to the coating process. The plasma is formed by applying [...]

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The metallization process consists in depositing, in a high vacuum chamber and at approximately 10-4 hpascal, a thin metal layer on a plastic film (such as PET, PVC, PS, OPP, BOPP, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, OPS, CPP , PC, PA, NYLON and PAPER, biodegradable films, etc). During the process, the reel is carried out and [...]

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